H1B Visa

For Professionals with a minimum equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor Degree

H-2 Visa

Non-agricultural positions for which qualified U.S. workers are unavailable

H-3 Visa

For Temporary Trainee Transfer's to receive training from an employer

L-1 Visa

Open a US Corporation or transfer an employee to the United States

E Visa

Investor and Treaty Trader Visas for single investors and multinational companies

J-1 Visa

Exchange Trainee Visas to gain work experience and training in his or her field

O Visa

People of extraordinary ability in the arts, athletics, sciences, education, & Business

P Visa

Athlete or Entertainment groups internationally recognized for their level of performance


Mexican and Canadian Professional Workers under NAFTA

Religious Workers

Tips for Obtaining Religious Worker Visas

H1B1 Visa

DOS Not Requiring Special Fees for Chile/Singapore H-1B1s

E3 Treaty Professional

The United States E-3 Treaty Professional Visa for Australian Nationals